Indian Hospital Pharmacist's Association (IHPA)

The Indian hospital pharmacist Association (IHPA) is the national professional body of hospital pharmacists engaged in practice of pharmacy. The IHPA is committed to provide a professional forum for hospital pharmacists for securing them their rightful place in the healthcare system and profession of pharmacy, promote and develop the practice of pharmacy , upgrade the knowledge and skills of Hospital Pharmacists , promote professional scientific knowledge by publishing Journals, News Letters and through mass Information Technology, Promote dignity and ethical practices in the profession , strive for achieving the status and recognition in society, and to foster mutually beneficial relationship with other professional bodies.

The Indian Hospital Pharmacists' Association was formed on 29th December, 1963 at Pilani during the 15th Indian pharmaceutical Congress with the foresightedness and able guidance of the founder President Dr. S. Rohtagi (Kanpur), organizing secretary Dr. B.D.Miglani, who is now patron of IHPA along with the support of Sh.S.L.Nasa and Devinder K. jain & many other pharmacists With a vision to promote the cause of Hospital Pharmacy, Dr. Bhagwan Das Miglani in the name and style “The Indian Hospital Pharmacist’s Association” was formed in the year 1963 at Pilani, during the 15th session of IPC held at Pilani. Dr. Surendra Rohtagi (Kanpur) was the founder President and Dr. B. D. Mihglani (Delhi) was the founder Secretary of IHPA. The formal application was submitted by Dr. B. D. Miglani, Shri S. L. Nasa, Dr. G. K. Narayanan, Shri Malak Ram Issar, Shri Mohan C. Bazaz and Shri Devinder K. Jain to the Registrar of Societies for registration of Indian Hospital Pharmacists Association and the Association was accordingly registered under the societies Registration Act XXXI of 1860 vide Registration No. 3994,1968-69 dated 5th January 1969. Objectives The objectives for which the Association is established are: To provide the benefits and protections of a qualified hospitalpharmacist to the patient, to the institution which he serves, to the members ofallied health professions with whom he is associated, and to the profession ofpharmacy. Advancement of study pf pharmacy, arrangement of meetings for readingpapers, and publication of a journal devoted to technical and professionalmatters. To promote the cause of hospital pharmacy. To raise the status, outlook and ethics of those who are engaged inthe hospital pharmacy. To assist in providing an adequate supply of such qualified hospitalpharmacists. To promote research in hospital pharmacy practices and in thepharmaceutical sciences in general.