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Pharmacist biggest hurdle?, says Bector
"PHARMACIST is the biggest hur­dle? in distribution and dispensing of  medicines    to the common patients. Therefore, the Government oflndia, wants  to kill the role of pharmacy from the healthcare system. Union Government is seriously thinking upon substituting the pharmacy with any edu­cated graduate to perform the role of pharmacists in health care system," said Pankaj Bector, General Secretary oflndian Hospital Pharmacists Association (IHPA). The Government is think­ing opposite to the World Health Organisation's Report. The report states, "Effective medicine can be practiced only there is efficient drug management. Time and again, in less affluent settings, inadequacies in the provision of primary healthcare are attributable to shortcomings within the drug distribution chain. Only when pharmacist has been accepted as vital member of the health care team can the necessary supporting services be organised with the professionalism that they demand. Hence, role of pharmacist is very vital in healthcare system". WHO feels the role of pharmacist is vital in health care system but Government of india doesn't feel so, Bector added. Pharma Vision 2020 was a call given by former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in one of the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress. All professional bodies are making sin­cere efforts to make the Vision 2020 a grand success, he said. The Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care stat­ed that, "Health is a funda­m~ntal human right and that the attainment of highest pos­sible level of health is an important social goal throughout the world. The primary health care must proyjde primitive, preventive, curative and rehabilita­tive services." Several WHO publi­cations emphasised the role of Pharmacist in health care system and the planning commission oflndia set­ting the scene on health care enshrined the India vision 2020 for improving access to health services to meet the health care needs. Besides this, the two dominant poli­cies of health care amongst general population of the country, one National Health Policy (NHP) which emphasizes availability of good qual­ity medicines at reasonable prices.